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Welcome to the Spring Break Sports lacrosse program. We are proud to partner with Polk County Sports Marketing to provide you with a first class, a la carte program.


Our goal is to make your stay in Central Florida a successful experience.


If you would  like to take part in 2024 Spring Break Sports Lacrosse, please email with your travel dates and housing requirements, along with any preliminary field requests you may have.


In the event that you wish to add any field time, all arrangements MUST be made through Spring Break Sports. We are able to add time subject to availability. However, all game times are fixed and cannot be altered as the Officials are pre-booked. For all games, please note that fields have been reserved for 1 hour prior to the start of your game for a warm-up. The actual game time will be 1 hour after the time shown.


SBS will provide a minimum of 50 practice balls, and cones for each scheduled practice and balls for each game. We will also have ice and water available at all practices and games.


Please note that we will provide a clock and shot clock person for all games as long as this has been pre scheduled with SBS. A table (with power) will be provided should you wish to take Stats for your games. SBS will not be providing a Stats person. In the event that you urgently require a person to take stats, please let us know and we will endeavor to find a suitable person for you. 


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